Consignment FAQ

Hype On Sight Consignment Terms

We are currently not accepting new consignors while we migrate to a new inventory management system. When we are fully migrated we will reopen consignment to new members. When this message is deleted new consignors will be accepted.

  • When signing up for an account email once you have completed your sign up so that your account can be activated for listing items. Once the status of your items changes from pending to inactive you may then ship or drop your items off instore.


  • Consignment Fees:
    • The Consignment fee for Hype On Sight is 13% of the sale price plus a $1 flat fee. This $1 is our cost to send payouts through electronically. 
  • Consignment Term:
    • We do not have a standard consignment term; your items can stay in our shop for as long as you want due to us having plenty of storage space. If this does change in the future all consignors will be notified.
  • Where to Ship:
    • Ship your consignment item(s) to:
    • 750 Citadel Drive E
    • STE 1124
    • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
    • Consignors are responsible for shipping their own items through either UPS, FEDEX, or USPS.
  • Items We Do Not Accept:
    • We do not accept any unauthentic/replica/counterfeit items. We also do not accept items that have too many manufacturer defects or inconsistencies. In the event a consignor sends us item(s) we can’t accept, we will treat it as a withdraw request and the consignor will be responsible for paying the cost of the label if they are an out-of-state consignor. We also no longer accept VNDS items.
    • Withdrawing Items:
      • If you request to withdraw your item(s) please do so using your account on the consignment portal. Local consignors can pick their items up in store immediately. Out-of-state consignors can request their items to be shipped to them. We will provide the shipping label however the consignor will be responsible for paying the cost of the label.
  • Pricing Rules:
    Please make sure all items end in a 0 or a 5 and are whole numbers only. Ex: list at 100 not 99 or list at 95 not 94.99 etc.

We reserve the right to terminate any consignment account for any reason with or without explanation at any time.