Where are you located?

  • We are located at 750 Citadel Dr E, #1124, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

What are your hours?

  • Monday - Thursday 11-7
  • Friday - Saturday 11-7
  • Sunday 11-5

 Do you accept trades?

  • We do not accept trades due to our inventory being consigned items.

What is your return policy?

  • All sales are final due to our inventory being consigned items we pay our consignors shortly after their items sell.

Are all shoes suitable for wear?

  • Shoes over 7 years from their original release date may or may not be suitable for wear. Wear at your own risk.

What does VNDS mean?

  • VNDS means very near deadstock. A VNDS shoe is a shoe that has been worn and is in good condition. However this is subjective; please make sure you are ok with the condition of a VNDS shoe before purchasing because we do not take returns.

 I have a question how can I contact you?

  • You can email us at info@hypeonsight.com or you can call us during our business hours at (719) 374-5157